Standard components

The KUBB by ZF

Time saving and efficient to repair and/or modernize the majority of Window Blocks.

The Universal Bay Block Kit (Kubb) is designed to repair and upgrade an existing bay block shutter without having to change the curtain or guides. Smart packaging, easy inventory management and simplified installation are the advantages of the KUBB.

Almost 40 years ago the Bloc-baies concepts started in France. The number of installed window blocks to be renovated is relatively large and makes this market complex in view of the diversity of the systems offered (Internal boxes / External boxes / HJ system between cheeks).

It was found that there was no universal solution for repair and / or modernization interventions that must be fast for installers and installer in terms of profitability.

To address this time-saving issue, we worked with a partner specializing in maintenance and repair to combine their field knowledge with our market expertise.

The KUBB is an accessory kit for players who operate in the French market for the repair of Window Blocks. Available now, for more information contact us.

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